10 anime mascots that will make their series unbearable

Mascots can become iconic characters that strongly represent the franchise or series they are the face for, like Pikachu Pokemon. Anime using a mascot to increase audience appeal and merchandise sales is nothing new, and it’s not an inherently bad thing either. After all, some of the most popular anime icons were mascots that had lives of their own.

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However, some mascots backfired and did exactly the opposite of what they were supposed to do. Instead of letting fans fall for them, these mascots either annoyed viewers or tarnished their anime by simply existing.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead.

10 Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters – Dark Magician Hogged The Spotlight

At face value, the most famous Yu-Gi-Oh! Anime is a story about competitive gaming. Against this background, Dark Magician (Yami/Yugi Muto’s signature monster card and series mascot) broke the rules and the anime’s already weak internal logic. Worse, he unfairly dominated Yugi’s deck despite not being the only ace he had on hand.

When Dark Magician didn’t nullify all missions just by being summoned, he got the most ridiculously unfair power-ups. For example, Dark Magician aged to Dark Sage instead of dying from the effects of the Time Wizard because Yami said so. While this can be hilarious, those expecting a serious gaming anime wouldn’t like Dark Magician.

9 Berserk (2016) – Puck often ruined the mood

Puck bugs Guts in Berserk

berserk The latest anime billed itself as the sequel to the definitive dark fantasy, which is obviously why it needed a snappy mascot in Puck. While Guts slaughtered Apostles and wrestled with his inner beast, the talkative Puck provided color commentary while regressing into a chibi form that collided with him berserk gritty visual style.

In Puck’s defense, that was pretty manga accurate. The problem was that this berserk was so bad that it was a comical relief figure that had previously only split readers into a universally unpopular annoyance. Worse, berserkThe low ratings and Puck’s cancellation meant that Puck’s eventual characterization and depth will not be matched anytime soon.

8th Vampire+Rosario – Ko-Chan quickly becomes annoying and distracting

Batty arrives at Vampire Rosario with reinforcements

Since Rosario+vampires anime more comedic than his manga, it brought in a cute mascot narrator for more comic relief. Ko-chan (or Batty in the dub) is Kokoa Shuzen’s talkative pet bat and morphing armory. Ko-chan was an outdated color commentator at best, but more often than not he was a literal distraction.

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Aside from stating the obvious and cracking bad jokes, Ko-chan covered up any fanservice Rosario+vampires TV run. Ko-chan did this by covering parts of the scene with little to no comedic timing. In fact, those who wanted raunchy anime comedy were given two main reasons to find Ko-chan annoying.

7 Bleach – Kon’s Shtick aged terribly

Kon takes a break in Bleach

Kon is a modified soul (or mod soul) and it is his job to take care of Ichigo Kurosaki’s body whenever he went on Shinigami missions. Other than that, few bleach Characters and viewers alike can stand Kon whether he’s in Ichigo’s body or in his stuffed animal form. This is mainly because he is an arrogant loudmouth and a pervert.

What doesn’t help Kon’s case is that his fellow mod souls were arguably better and more tolerable mascots. To add insult to injury, Ririn, Noba, and Kur┼Źdo were anime original creations while Kon is one of them bleach earliest characters. Kon was undeniably a product of early 2000s anime trends, and his obsolescence is showing in the worst of ways.

6 Conception – Mana is lustful beyond reason

Mana annoys Itsuki at conception

conception already has a reputation for being one of the worst anime of the 2010s, and Mana’s very existence only added to its shame. Aside from being Itsuki Yuge and the audience’s declarative mascot, Mana provided comic relief that came in the form of sexually charged comments and lewd acts that bordered on the harassing.

Not surprisingly, Mana teased viewers more than entertained. It’s worth noting that mana wasn’t always like this. In the games that conception based, the worst thing Mana did was crack some inappropriate jokes. Meanwhile, Mana’s perverted nature has been elevated to creepy and excessive levels in the anime.

5 Crayon Shin-Chan – Shinnosuke Nohara is anime’s rudest kid

Shin gets lost in town in Crayon Shin Chan

When it comes to his raunchy humor, Colored pencil Shin-chan nothing held back. The anime starred Shin, a foul-mouthed boy who almost always flashed others before the end of the episode. Additionally, Shin was a spoiled brat who teased everyone (especially his mother) to get his way and had a seemingly endless supply of perverted jokes.

Colored pencil Shin-chan has its fans, but also an equal share of critics. At best, Shin’s brand of adult humor is an acquired taste that appeals to a very specific audience. Those who aren’t already into scatological humor will just find Shin annoying and insufferable, making it all but impossible for them to finish an episode.

4 A Certain Magical Index – Index Librorum Prohibitorum got on the nerves of Kamijou Touma and the viewers

Index makes a sleazy comment in a specific magic index

In addition to being the title character and franchise mascot of their anime, Index is one of the mainstays of the story. Blessed with a perfect photographic memory, Index has more than 100,000 spellbooks in her head with none of their side effects. While viewers understand Index’s importance to the story, they still couldn’t stand her.

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index was A certain magical index answer to the Imouto archetype and it has done the series more harm than good. When she wasn’t screaming, Index complained to Touma. The best thing that can be said about Index is that she was better canned, although most fans would prefer she wasn’t there A certain magical index at all.

3 Himuto! Umaru-Chan – Umaru Doma is a loud-mouthed, spoiled brat

Umaru plays her PSP in Himotu Umaru Chan

conceptual, Himuto! Umaru-chan was a perfect sitcom. Whenever she wasn’t in school, star student Umaru Doma reverted to her true self: a messy and rude slob who bullied her older brother into submission. When Umaru wasn’t bossing her brother Taihei around, she was blackmailing him or smearing his reputation at school for defying her.

However, Umaru tested viewers’ collective patience to the breaking point. Worse, the show portrayed Umaru as a cute chibi mascot who even shared interests in the target audience, namely anime and video games. Rather than endearing herself to viewers, Umaru angered people so much that she became a pejorative punch line in the anime community.

2 Elfen Lied – Nyu may be too distracting for some viewers

Nyu contemplates nature in Elfenlied

After narrowly surviving a bullet to the head, Elfenlied The main character was split into two people: Lucy and Nyu. If Lucy was a bloodthirsty Diclonii bent on taking revenge on humanity, Nyu was her amnesiac and innocent counterpart. When elf song wasn’t advertised as a bloody horror show, but rather put the focus on the cute Nyu.

However, Nyu was transparent fanservice. Aside from meeting Kouta naked for the first time, she’s almost always been on the receiving end of fanservice hijinks. elf song Emphasized Nyu’s nudity against the backdrop of her childish mentality and the anime’s intense violence, which was more than enough to terrify and upset some viewers.

1 The Tanya the Evil Saga – Tanya by Degurechaff is a worryingly fascist mascot

Tanya wears a dress in the Tanya the Evil saga

To put it lightly The saga of Tanya the Evil does a lot of questionable things. You could even say that the eponymous Tanya is the perfect amalgamation of all that is wrong Tanya the bad. Tanya is really a middle-aged Japanese clerk reincarnated as a young girl in a war-torn fantasy world, and the series insists that she’s cute.

Even if she temporarily ignores Tanya’s true age and self, she’s still an unabashedly fascist villain fighting for an overt allegory of Nazi Germany. The fact that The saga of Tanya the Evil has gone out of his way to turn Tanya into an adorable mascot, as his merch side is something that won’t go down well with all anime fans.

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