A pair cuckoo anime threatens to use sibling romance

The following contains spoilers for episodes 1 and 2 of A Couple of Cuckoos, streaming now on Crunchyroll.

Out of Kaguya-sama: Love is war to Aharen-san is indecipherableSpring 2022 anime season has more to offer than just a few enticing rom-com titles, including the all-new title A couple of cuckoos. This is the story of Nagi and Erika who were switched at birth and ended up growing up in each other’s families before meeting at the age of 16.

The first episode of cuckoos might seem like innocent high school fun for the most part, but the anime already hints at a side romance that many fans might not like. It seems Umino Nagi’s foster sister Sachi is in the mood for a “forbidden romance” with her foster brother. This might not end well.

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When Nagi’s foster sister Sachi becomes possessive

Umino Nagi’s foster family – including his reformed delinquent parents and loving foster sister Sachi – are mostly happy and caring. The first two episodes of A couple of cuckoos Establish Uminos parents as friendly people who want their biological daughter and foster son to get along in their engagement. However, Sachi feels differently and expresses it in her own subtle way.

Sachi immediately expressed her displeasure at the possibility of her foster brother returning to his biological family, even shedding tears at the idea. It’s normal to miss the foster brother she’s spent her whole life with, but that seemingly innocent sisterly love soon turns into something questionable.

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At the end of Episode 1, Sachi is in the middle of a shojo manga tape when she sees a scene with a foster brother and foster sister who realize they are not related and therefore may end up dating. That, combined with Sachi’s jealous feelings in Episode 2, suggests that she wants her brother for herself and that the cheerful Deredere Amano sees Erika as a rival – or even a threat.

While anime often experiments with unique, novel romantic pairings to keep things fresh, the industry is also known for pushing “forbidden love” narratives that might intimidate fans rather than entice them — often forbidden brother-sister romances, regardless of whether the two characters are related or not. Known examples are Oreimo, kiss x sister and Eromanga senseiamong many others where either the brother or sister begins to see the other as something more. It is now A couple of cuckoos‘ again, but many fans might feel that this subgenre of romance has played out — and wasn’t a good idea to begin with.

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What a couple of cuckoos could do to Sachi

So far, A couple of cuckoos sets up Sachi as a “Brocon” foster sister with strange feelings of possessive jealousy and tries to chase away any girls who get too close to Nagi. On the other hand, she has only taken tentative steps in this direction Anime has plenty of time to take their character route in a different direction. Your Brocon feelings might be short-lived.

It’s likely that a love triangle will form soon, but Sachi won’t necessarily be involved. If cuckoos Striking a healthy path with its characters, it will instead feature Nagi, Erika and the charming Hiro in this triangle, with Sachi coming to terms with her feelings and proclaiming himself Nagi’s #1 supporter and advisor rather than a competitor for his heart. Or she could side with her birth sister Erika and help her get together with Nagi after defeating Hiro and all other rivals. And she could certainly prevent Nagi from indulging in a full-blown harem.

With a beloved foster brother and biological sister in her life, Sachi could decide to become Team Family and help them both fend off anyone who might fall in love with them. When male suitors show up to try and win Erika’s heart, Sachi is able to fend them off and show what it means to be a devoted sister, physical or not. That should be a good way for A couple of cuckoos to dodge the increasingly creepy “forbidden romance” subgenre.

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