Changes to SF’s pink triangle display

The annual Pink Triangle installation on San Francisco’s Twin Peaks will be a little different this year and is looking for volunteers to help. While the pink triangle is slated to be on display throughout June for Pride Month and, like last year, will be illuminated at night, its presence will change during the day, … Read more

Shonen Jump’s new manga super smartphone has an impressive launch that will be hard to top

Super Smartphone begins with a mystery so obscure that the series’ gimmick of an omniscient phone alone may not be enough to carry future cases. Warning! Spoilers ahead for super smartphone Chapter 1! The debut chapter of Shonen jump‘s new detective manga series super smartphone opens with a mystery so intriguingly disturbing that future installments … Read more

Green Room: canvas dreams, art in nature

First Nations screen opportunity South Australian Aboriginal film creatives have the opportunity to forge new careers in television production through the second iteration of an internship program offered by SA Film Corporation and Channel 44. Applications (here) are open until 17 June for beginning and aspiring South Australian First Nations screen practitioners and graduate students. … Read more

Joshua Cohen and the late Winfred Rembert win the Pulitzer Prize for Art

NEW YORK (AP) — Joshua Cohen’s “The Netanyahu,” a comical and rigorous campus novel based on the true story of former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s father who seeks a job in academia, has won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction won. Benzion Netanyahu, who died in 2012, was a medieval historian and ultranationalist who taught … Read more

What does manga mean?

Manga are Japanese comics known for their imaginative and whimsical stories. It is also popular for its expression of love and heartache. Many people think that manga is all about action, puzzles, and adventure, but it’s actually an art form that encompasses many different themes. Manga are Japanese comics known for their imaginative and whimsical … Read more