How to start the rise of a bookworm

Save the world? Be a powerful mage or hero? No for a bookworm, books are most important. If only they were accessible now….

Anime fans are no strangers to the Isekai genre. There will always be some take on the genre in any group of seasonal anime. If the protagonist is not abused like Naofumi in their new world The Rise of the Shield Herothey will gain an insane power that makes them super overpowered like Rimuru Tempest That’s when I was reincarnated as a slime. Neither of these tropes is bad and can be excellent if done as well as these two examples were. But what if the protagonist doesn’t have such big goals in mind?

Ascendance Of A Bookworm is a new addition to this ever-expanding world of Isekai. It doesn’t follow the popular tropes traditional to the genre, instead focusing on the protagonist’s daily struggles as she tries to complete her one simple goal. Don’t go into it and expect hard-hitting fight scenes or mind-blowing character showdowns. It is a lighthearted yet moving story of a young girl and her search for books. As the third season of Rise of a Bookworm premiere, let’s finally talk about how viewers and readers alike can access the light novel, manga, and anime.

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The plot of the rise of a bookworm

The third season of Rise of a Bookworm is a newcomer in this anime season. Continuing from previous seasons, it tells the story of the bookworm Urano Motosu on her quest for books. Ironically, she was crushed to death under a stack of books during an earthquake. Upon waking up, Urano finds himself in the body of an ailing five-year-old girl, Myne. Worse still, in this new world, books are not widely available and are only available to the wealthy. Keeping the memories of her past life alive, Myne decides to write books herself, hoping to one day fulfill her dream of becoming a librarian.

What sets this series apart from other Isekai anime is the character and focus of the story. Myne doesn’t have any grandiose goals or roles to fulfill, she just wants to read books, which is unlike many Isekai protagonists who are often cast into a role when they reincarnate. The story also focuses more on Myne’s everyday life and how step by step she gets closer to her goal, rather than skipping time and just showing the end result.Related: Why Skeleton Knight in Another World is very different from Overlord

Where to read the light novel/manga Ascendance Of A Bookworm?

Rise of a Bookworm began as a free-to-read publication published on the Japanese user-generated novel website, Let’s Become A Novelist. Written by Miya Kazuki with the novel illustrations by Yu Shiina, the series was later picked up to be duly published by TO Novels and has published 27 volumes as of January 2015.

The manga adaptation is illustrated by Suzuka and was published online from October 2015 to July 2018. The English versions of both the light novel and manga can be found on the J-Novel Club website, and can also be purchased through Amazon or any bookstore on the subject subject to availability.

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Where to Watch Ascendance Of A Bookworm Anime

The anime adaptation is produced by Ajia-do Animation Works and follows the plot of the manga more closely than the light novel. The first season premiered in October 2019, the second season followed in April 2020, and the third season in April 2022. All three seasons of the anime can be found on Crunchyroll.

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