In another world with my smartphone Vol. 5 – The Outer Harbor

Title: With my smartphone into another world volume 5
Author: Patora Fuyuhara (story), Soto (art)
Publisher: yen press
Language: English
Format: Paperback
Pages: 140
Genre: Isekai, fantasy
Release date: April 26, 2022

The history

The fifth volume of With my smartphone into another world has some interesting developments. They go to Mismede and deliver the letter to the king. While enjoying the castle, Touya stumbles upon a stuffed animal named Paula who wants him to follow him. This leads to him meeting Leen, the leader of the fairies. Touya learns that Leen is Charlotte’s teacher when it comes to magic. Leen herself can use Null Magic, with her most prominent spell being Program…the ability to write instructions on inanimate objects in the form of simple movements or commands.

Since Touya can use any Null Spell, he takes program for himself and starts experimenting with it in the only logical way… by making GUNS!

After modeling a weapon, he programs it to fire and reload, and even programs real bullets to explode on contact, saving himself from chanting incantations during combat. He also programs rubber bullets with paralysis for use on humans.

After they return from Mismede. Touya creates a bicycle and thus ends up bang on trend. On his way to the store to buy materials, his wallet is stolen. After tracking down the thief, she is bullied by other thieves for violating her territory. After saving her by shooting her with his new gun (this one really took a sharp left turn so quickly), he discovers the girl’s name is Renne and is just an orphan trying to survive.

So we get a new character to add to the stack as Renne is now working for Touya. She has a strange pendant that no one knows the origin of, but just as they are trying to figure it out, Leen tells Touya of a way to improve the Tor spell… by combining it with Recall. Recall allows you to see someone’s memories and if you see a goal in them you can attune Gate to it, removing the requirement of having previously visited the location! This causes Touya to awkwardly hold hands with Yae, which can only mean one thing.

We’re going to Eashen!


While we had a massive slew of new characters in the last volume, we only get two (or three if you count Paula) in this one.

Lee comes first. In addition to being Charlotte’s teacher, she is also very interested in Touya! (How many girls does that make now?) She’s desperately trying to get him to become her student, but after Charlotte’s horror stories, there’s no way he’s going to subject himself to such…torture. Despite this, Leen learns of Touya’s secret of being able to use any type of null spell. This allows her to share her knowledge, which leads to the improvement of Gate. Leen herself is a bit cheeky and self-confident. She definitely has her persuasive nature, but she’s not quite a full tsundere. She’s only halfway there. This makes her a bit fun and playful, but in hindsight, she’s just another girl to get on the heap for Touya.

There must be something more about Renne because she’s a typical orphan. Mom died shortly after giving birth and her father disappeared after being called to adventure. So she learned how to steal and tried to get by. Of course, due to Touya’s good heart, he takes her in, gives her a job, and even asks the king to pardon her. There are a few pieces here that could delve deeper into her backstory or even branch into another story… like her trailer or the money situation with the orphanages. Other than that, she’s just a typical kid.

Last word

This volume had some nice subplots, we got some kind of cast expansion, and we got to know a bit more about the maids and Rime. The greatest thing about this band was the ending. All along they assumed Touya to be from Eashen (although in our world he is from Japan) due to the similar culture. There were hints that Touya might find someone there who might also have been isekaiized. Now that we’re going there in Volume 6, things got mighty interesting.

No doubt more characters will likely be added, but who or how many remains unknown. What will Touya find in Eashen? So many questions to answer, and with all the buildup this place has given, I expect some big things to come out of this next arc! I am sure once they are back they will continue all the pendant/orphanage/crystal monster stories they set up in this volume and maybe Leen can continue to teach Touya to be even stronger than he already is!

Another good volume that got me hyped for the next part!

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