One Piece Chapter 1048 Release Date, Time Confirmed After Golden Week Delay

The release date and time for One Piece Chapter 1048 has been confirmed after a short manga delay for the Golden Week celebrations in Japan.

In the past few months, it seems like the stars have aligned again for the One Piece franchise. The improvement in the anime series has been remarkable since the adaptation reached 1000 episodes last year, with video games and cinema films also starting to get their hype trains going.

However, all attention is now turning back to the original manga series, which has sadly been noticeably absent from all of our typical Sunday schedules for the past week. This is because One Piece Chapter 1048 has been pushed back for Golden Week in Japan, but a new release date and time has now thankfully been confirmed online.

One Piece Movie Red | teaser trailer



One Piece Movie Red | teaser trailer





One Piece Chapter 1048 was originally rescheduled for Golden Week

Unfortunately, the One Piece manga series took a hiatus last week and was not released on May 1stSt as many fans would have expected. The good news, however, is that this isn’t a series-specific hiatus, as the entire Weekly Shonen Jump magazine went on hiatus last week for the Golden Week celebrations in Japan.

Golden Week is a series of national holidays that runs from April 29th toth until May 6thth and is considered one of the busiest times of the year in Japan.

A total of four national holidays run during Golden Week; Showa Day (birthday of the late Emperor Showa), Constitutional Memorial Day (commemorating the start of the post-war Constitution), Greenery Day (celebrating nature and the environment) and Children’s Day (praying for the health of all children).

As part of the Golden Week celebrations, many companies are closing and freeing up their employees to take part in the celebrations, including the manga industry and specifically for One Piece, its publishers at Weekly Shonen Jump.

One Piece Chapter 1048 release date and time confirmed

Another piece of good news is that the interruption of Golden Week will not significantly affect the release of the One Piece manga for long. As confirmed on the series’ page on Viz Media, One Piece Chapter 1048 will be released on Sunday, May 8thth.

The new chapter will then be released worldwide in English via both Viz Media and Manga Plus starting at the following times:

  • Pacific Time – 8 a.m. PDT
  • Eastern Time – 11 a.m. EDT
  • UK Time – 4pm BST
  • European Time – 5pm CEST
  • Indian Time – 8:30pm IST
  • Philippine Time – 11pm PHT
  • Australian time – 00:30 ACST

As every week, the 1048th part of the One Piece manga is already trending on social media worldwide thanks to the leaked spoilers, see below.

Spoilers leak online for One Piece Chapter 1048

Spoiler Warning: Skip this section if you wish to avoid potential spoilers leaked online by reputable sources.

As any One Piece manga fan understands all too well, thanks to leaked spoilers, chapters can trend on social media days, or in the case of Chapter 1048, a week before release.

While many fans are doing their absolute best to avoid spoilers as much as possible, there’s an equally large segment of the community that can’t wait to digest and break down every bit of information that lands online.

On May 3rd, the spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1048 were revealed online on the Twitter page. OP spoiler. According to the post, the chapter is titled “20 Years” and begins with Luffy fighting to protect Momonosuke from Kaidou while continuing to move Onigashima.

We then see a flashback to Oden’s execution, where the brutality of Kaidou and Orochi’s regime is further cemented – the killing of protesters, including Oden’s wife, and the enslavement of many of the remaining population.

The most dramatic part of the spoilers, however, focuses on the return of Denjiro…who wastes no time chopping off Orochi’s head. Interestingly the early Spoilers here have noted that “Orochi has not yet been confirmed dead,” but wishes from civilians praying for Orochi’s death can be seen in the sky above.

The chapter ends with Kaidou and Luffy clashing again and the people of Wano releasing their lanterns into the sky. Fans should note that leaked spoilers should always be taken with a pinch of salt and only serve to increase global excitement for new manga content.

For a more detailed breakdown of One Piece Chapter 1048 spoilers, click here.

One Piece is finally dropping episode 1016

Last week, the anime adaptation of One Piece also took a break for the Golden Week celebrations in Japan. Thankfully, the TV series returned alongside the original manga series this weekend, airing Episode 1016 on Sunday April 8th.

The new episode “The Battle of the Monsters! The Three Stubborn Captains!” is currently available on Crunchyroll and is already trending on Google Trends and Twitter.

New Red posters shared on Twitter

In addition to the manga series One Piece, the anime adaptation and the upcoming video game Odyssey, fans are also counting down the hours until the premiere of the new movie Red.

As part of the One Piece: Red promotional campaign, a series of new character posters have been shared on the film’s website and social media.

While most of the new outfits are pretty steam-punk esc, each design is well drawn and specific to each individual character. New posters for Helmeppo, Koby, Bartolomeo, Bepo, Law, and Gordon were posted last week!

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