The 10 Best Bob Ross Episode Painting Sets (From Cheapest to Most Expensive)

Even after all these years, people still watch episodes of The joy of painting with Bob Ross on Twitch, YouTube and wherever available. As well as being great for relaxing, the show is a great way to learn to paint if they have the right paint set.

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There are many different paint sets available for purchase for those who want to start painting and collaborate with Bob Ross. Of course, given that they are expensive, they can be quite pricey, so there are options for those hoping to get started without breaking the bank.


US Art Supply 19 Piece Artist Oil Painting Set ($24.99)

US Art Supply 19 Piece Artist Oil Painting Set

It might be the cheapest, but that’s because it’s a kit based solely on oil painting. So if you’re looking for acrylic and watercolor paint, you might want to look elsewhere. However, if anyone is interested in oil painting, this is still an effective painting kit for beginners that can be purchased on Amazon.

It comes with four brushes, a small easel, a canvas, and twelve vibrant paints. It’s not much, but beginners can get a feel for painting and upgrade with more items and color types. Someone could start with this kit and end up being the next HR giger.

Esrich Professional Acrylic Paint Set ($49.99)

Esrich Professional Acrylic Paint Set

The Esrich Acrylic Paint Set is available for $50 and includes a wooden easel, 12 brushes, 12 canvases, 5 painting knives, 2 palettes, 24 acrylic paints, 2 sponges and buckets for utensils. There is enough here for an artist to draw anything from landscapes to being an artist avenger Comics.

There’s enough here for beginners to learn the basics of acrylic painting and follow Bob Ross episodes. From there, similar to the previous kit, it can allow the painter to scale up and continue experimenting with other paint types.

Loomini Premium Paint Set ($59.99)

Loomini premium painting set

Handy for space, the Loomini Premium Painting Kit includes 24 acrylic paints, a painting knife, a wooden easel that doubles as a case, a canvas, and 15 brushes. It might be a bit small, but that’s enough to paint anything from beautiful landscapes to comic book covers for Marvel or DC.

With many good reviews, this painting set is another good one for beginners who just want to experiment with the idea of ​​getting into painting.

MEEDEN 46 Piece Professional Oil Painting Set ($65.95)

MEEDEN 46 Piece Professional Oil Painting Set

This is another kit that includes a case that doubles as an easel. With 17 brushes, 13 paints, canvases, palette blocks, a wooden palette, two painting knives and even a handy brush cleaner, an artist could easily follow Bob Ross.

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Available on Amazon, the MEEDEN 46 Piece Professional Oil Painting Set is the perfect set for those who don’t have a lot of space to work but don’t want to sacrifice too much functionality.

H&B 108 Piece Painting Set ($79.99)

H&B 108 piece paint set

This is an all-in-one device that can be bought from Amazon and is probably the best affordable option. It comes with paints and canvases for oil, watercolor and acrylic, which is ideal for following Bob Ross.

The H&B painting set features a standing easel that can be easily adjusted. Painters also receive three 24-packs of different types of paint, 27 brushes, a palette and painting knives. There’s even a brush wash bucket similar to what Bob Ross uses on the show.

Modera Deluxe Artist Paint Set ($99.90)

Modera Deluxe Artist Paint Set

Another kit that includes all three types of paint along with two different easels. For nearly $100 on Amazon, this kit also comes with 8 canvases, 40 brushes, sketchbooks for each paint type, two palettes, paint knives, and even a carrying case.

It can allow the painter to create anything from a glimpse of the sea to fan art of Marvel’s Spider-Man. The only flaw with this kit is that the knives are all plastic, increasing the likelihood of them breaking. However, that still doesn’t stop this from being a solid kit for fans of Bob Ross looking to get in on the action.

Jumbl Deluxe 131 Piece Painting Set ($99.99)

Jumbl Deluxe 131 Piece Painting Set

This set contains two different easels: an aluminum easel for standing and a smaller wooden easel for desk use. These easels come with eight canvases, sketchbooks for all three paint types, and four sets of brushes.

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In terms of paint, there are 72 colors sorted into acrylic, oil and watercolor packs. The lack of painting knives may put some Bob Ross fans off, but this kit, which can be found on Amazon, is more than worth it for the variety of items.

MEEDEN 155 Piece Deluxe Artist Painting Set ($149.95)

MEEDEN 155 Piece Deluxe Artist Painting Set

Another kit from MEEDEN, this packs a lot into one. This has 5 color sets making a total of 108 color tubes in the entire set. It features a standing wooden easel, 30 brushes, 2 palettes, a palette block, 10 canvas blocks, 15 watercolor blocks, 2 painting knives, 4 white canvases and 4 black canvases.

This 155 piece deluxe artist kit from MEEDEN is the kind of kit for painters who know what they are getting into and want something a little more professional. As a result, the price is justified, but this isn’t ideal for those on a budget.

VISWIN All-In-One Painting Set ($172.99)

VISWIN All-In-One painting set

As the name suggests, the VISWIN All-In-One painting set has everything a painter needs for all three types of painting. 96 tubes of paint, 2 black canvases with 6 white canvases, 6 plastic painting knives, 30 brushes, sketch pads for each color type, a standing easel, 4 acrylic markers and a wooden palette.

Even the artists behind some of the most beautiful anime probably started out with similar kits. Again, beginners may not want to invest in such a large package, but more experienced painters will enjoy all the options that come with this kit.

Bob Ross Master Artist Oil Paint Set & 2-in-1 Studio Easel Combo Set ($345.05)

Bob Ross Master Artist Oil Paint Set & Combined 2-in-1 Studio Easel Set

Considering this is the official Bob Ross brand, it should come as no surprise that it costs so much. The Bob Ross Master Artist Oil Paint Set allows the buyer to essentially replicate their set on the show. From the aluminum studio easel to the same brushes he used.

It even comes with the same oil paints used in most of the Bob Ross episodes. This kit can be recommended to the big Bob Ross fans who are determined to have a setup like him. However, casual painters are better off with some of the previous kits.

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