The Black Clover manga is reportedly taking a three-month hiatus to prepare for the final arc

According to recent reports, the Black Clover manga series is gearing up for an extended three-month hiatus to prepare for the final arc.

For manga fans, it’s a fact; All good things must come to an end.

While the global Black Clover community understood that the series would soon be entering its final story arc, many had expected the series to run throughout 2022 through to the series’ climax.

However, new reports online indicate that Black Clover will be going on an extended hiatus starting next week… a hiatus that will last more than 3 months!

The manga Black Clover is taking a three-month hiatus

According to online reports, the Black Clover manga series is preparing for an extended hiatus to allow author Yuki Tabata to prepare for the series’ final arc.

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The first rumors about the possible break came from the Twitter page Weekly Shonen Jump News, which specified Yesterday, April 20th, that “According to leaks, Yuki Tabata’s Black Clover will be taking a brief hiatus beginning with Shonen Jump Weekly Issue #23.”

The site would then confirm this information just a few hours ago and respond to the original post and Add“Yuki Tabata’s Black Clover will be on hiatus for three months beginning with issue #23 to prepare for the series’ final arc/chapter.”

At the time of writing, neither the production team nor distributors (both domestic and overseas) have commented on the rumors surrounding the three-month hiatus.

However, more information is expected to be shared after this weekend’s release of Chapter 331, which will be released in English on Sunday, April 24th on Viz Media and Manga Plusth.

Interestingly, all of WSJ Magazine will be on hiatus next week for Japan’s ‘Golden Week’ anyway, with Comic Book noting, “There is no set date for the manga’s return, so Black Clover may be out of print indefinitely.”

“Considering how diligent its creator was with his post, it’s hard to fault Yuki Tabata for needing a break. The artist worked incredibly hard on Lucifero’s fight, so Tabata has to enjoy a long vacation with his family to celebrate.” – Comic book.

When will the next English volumes appear?

The Black Clover manga series has released 32 full tankobon volumes in Japan, with the most recent volume being released in early April 2022.

Unfortunately, the English language release of the manga is a bit behind the domestic schedule, with only 28 volumes available out of a total of 32.

The good news is that the launch window for the next three English volumes has now been confirmed; Volume 29 on June 7ththVolume 30 on September 6thth and Volume 31 on December 6thth.

The movie Black Clover is slated for release next year

With the news of a possible three-month hiatus of the Black Clover manga series, fans are looking to the future. specifically for the anime movie.

The film was first announced in March 2021, just days before the global premiere of the final episode 170.

Details on the film remain scarce, but the film is expected to proceed directly to episode 170 by adapting the remaining chapters of the Spade Kingdom raid arc.

“Included in this video is the appearance of Asta entering the final stages of conquering the Kingdom of Spades from the original and the graceful entrance of each character that portrayed the movie from the animation, and the production has been announced.” – Press release, about

The Black Clover movie is slated for a 2023 release, but no specific release window or international premiere has been confirmed yet.

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