The Milwaukee Bucks attempt to color the Boston Celtics defense

Before the start of the Boston-Brooklyn NBA playoff series in the first round, Nets guard Bruce Brown said his team would attack the inside of the Celtics defense as they would be doing without center Robert Williams III for the series as he moved away from recovered from meniscus surgery.

Brooklyn star Kevin Durant was quick to check out that hubris — and it turned out to be unfounded anyway.

As they swept the series, the Celtics held the nets at a 35.0 point average in the paint, beating their 42.5 regular-season average.

And Boston did mostly with 35-year-old, 6-foot-9-inch center Al Horford, who was backed by 6-6 power forward Grant Williams and 6-8 backup center Daniel Theis.

Williams returned in games 3 and 4, playing 30 total minutes off the bench.

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