Tokyo Revengers manga is on indefinite pause due to Chapter 248 being delayed

The Tokyo Revengers manga series is reportedly on indefinite hiatus this week due to a delay in the release of Chapter 248 worldwide.

Manga readers around the world celebrate the release of each new chapter that launches, regardless of genre or platform.

Series that run for years can become an important part of our weekly routines, which in turn makes any disruption to the normal manga schedule quite concerning for the community.

This week, new reports are spreading online that the Tokyo Revengers manga will be indefinitely on hiatus and that the release date for Chapter 248 will be pushed back.

The manga Tokyo Revengers is going on an indefinite hiatus

Unfortunately, the Tokyo Revengers manga series is missing from this week’s issue 18 of Weekly Shonen Magazine in Japan.

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The news of the indefinite hiatus of the Tokyo Revengers manga series with Chapter 248 was first shared by reputable leaker Ryokyuta2089.

According to the leak, a member of the production staff has tested positive for COVID-19, which would result in the planned release of the next chapter being put on hold.

“Ken Wakui [Tokyo Revengers] Infected with the new corona, which complicates production and is suspended, the weekly Shonen Magazine No. 18 is suspended. I wonder if the suspension will be extended… Even if it’s at its peak. Take care of your body now.” – Ryokyutaka2089.

The delay was then official Confirmed from the official Japanese Twitter account for the series, which stated that “the next installment [18] will be suspended”, but the team would “appreciate your understanding”.

“While the report did not specifically state who among the people behind the manga contracted the virus, it did specifically state that the disease made it difficult for production to continue.” – EpicStream.

With the chapter not releasing in Japan, international fans will also have to wait for the series to return, but has the new start date been publicly confirmed?

No news on the new release date of Chapter 248 yet

Unfortunately, the new release date for Tokyo Revengers Chapter 248 has not been confirmed by Kodansha, the distributors, or the associated social media pages for the series.

However, popular Tokyo Revengers leaker “taiyakiboi” recently stated that the series will return from its indefinite hiatus in the next issue of Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, due out next week.

“The Tokyo Revengers will go on hiatus because there was a staff member who tested positive for the coronavirus. Chapter 248 will return in issue #19 of Weekly Shonen Magazine and Chapter 247 will be released later on March 23.” — User taiyakiboi, via Twitter.

However, the original leak stated that there were concerns that the “suspension would be extended,” so it’s best to keep checking back for ongoing updates on Chapter 248’s release.

As noted by Siliconera, this isn’t the first time the pandemic has hampered Tokyo Revengers production before. Back in 2020, Warner Bros Japan announced that work on their live-action film had halted due to restrictions and guidelines stemming from the ongoing pandemic.

How to read the series in English

As of March 2022, 26 volumes of the Tokyo Revengers manga have been released in Japan. However, of these 26 volumes with English translations, only 23 have appeared with Kodansha.

Luckily, there has never been a better and easier time to get hooked on manga reading. The Tokyo Revengers manga is available to purchase as an e-book through Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, Book Walker, Comixology, Google Play, Izneo, Kobo, MyAnimeList, and Nook.

The manga series can also be streamed through Comixology Unlimited, INKR, Inkypen, Kindle Unlimited, and Mangamo.

The English language release date for Volume 24 has not yet been confirmed.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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