Top 8 Winter Adventures to Try in Colorado

Winter doesn’t have to be spent indoors. The Road to Colorado is a great example of what a well-spent winter looks like. While other states hibernate and wait for summer, Colorado is taking the same opportunity to shine and make a name for itself.

But what makes Colorado such a darling for winter adventures? It certainly has to be the fun activities. If you’re planning a trip out west in this cool weather, these Colorado winter adventures are for you.

8th winter fishing

Fishing is one of the leading outdoor activities loved by most Americans. The people of Colorado have long embraced fishing both as a sport and as a source of income. Indeed, for first-time travelers visiting the West, fishing is one of the winter activities to try in Colorado. But can you fish in snow? This is exactly why holidaymakers are out and about on the lake in winter. The fact that it’s an adventure makes it the perfect time to explore and learn how this fishing works. Watching inexperienced folk struggle to break the ice for a single catch is a joy in itself.

  • Recommendations: Lake Granby, Chambers Lake

7 ice climbing

As strange as it may sound, ice climbing is one of the exciting winter adventures to try in Colorado. During the summer, Colorado is famous for rock climbing, but once winter sets in, the focus shifts to ice climbing. In cool weather, the falls freeze, creating the perfect platform for ice climbing. Adventurers who have tried ice climbing before have it relatively easy given their first experience. Either way, these climbs are worth every penny, even for tourists looking for new ways to have fun.

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6 Treat yourself to hot springs

Although temperatures are way too low out there, there is a limit to how low they can go. This implies that the naturally occurring springs are still hot. With the low temperatures in the area, any opportunity for some comfort warmth should be greatly appreciated. This is where the numerous hot springs in Colorado come into play. Adventurers here have the time of their lives diving into these springs to shake off the chilly weather.

  • Recommendations: Glenwood Springs, Pagosa Springs

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5 To ski

Essentially, skiing is the number one winter adventure to try in Colorado. Though it may look dated to some, it’s still a top outdoor sport in the Colorado area. Sliding and skating from one end of a snowy mountain to the other is absolutely hilarious. The beauty of this is that participants don’t need to be experts at it. After all, skiing in the imperfect stages is more fun when the adrenaline levels are through the roof.

  • Recommendations: Copper Mountain, Breckenridge Ski Area

4 snow painting

Painting as an art is more about creativity and being a free thinker. People have tried art in several places, but not much has been documented about the snow and color combination. Snow painting sounds impossible on paper, but if it were easy there would be no reason to try it as an adventure. Snow painting is such an engaging and adventurous activity in winter. This activity does not discriminate against age or gender provided the urge to explore is present.

3 skating

Skating is one of the most common outdoor sports in the West and America as a whole. Skating in summer is a different activity than in winter. The increased risk level of this activity in winter calls for caution. Nonetheless, Colorado offers vacationers the perfect opportunity to perfect their ice skating skills. Unlike skiing, which requires certain elevated areas, skating can be practiced in virtually any environment provided there is a level surface.

2 snow fights

The snow fight is undoubtedly the most controversial activity on the list of winter adventures to try in Colorado. Beginners must be wondering how it’s possible to fight in the snow and still call it an adventure. Well, a snow fight is just that, but the activities involved aren’t as intense as anyone might imagine. Instead, it’s all about picking the soft snowballs and throwing them at each other. This activity can be boring, especially when done inside the homestead. So Colorado offers the perfect place to break that boredom and treat it as an adventure.

1 snow angel

Snow Angles are ideally the epitome of winter adventures in Colorado. Just like the snowman is a reserve for the adult adventurers, kids also have a fun activity to make the whole experience worthwhile.

While Snow Angels can be performed from many locations during the winter, there is something special about Colorado. First, there is a large group of people trying this trick, making it an adventurous experience. Colorado is also famous for its love of art, which makes snow angels a fun activity. Visitors can capture all of these fond memories on camera and let the Snow Angel remind them of the good old days in Colorado.

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