Unfortunately, the manga Golden Kamuy ends with the release of chapter 314

The Golden Kamuy manga series reaches its climax and ends the incredible story with the release of Chapter 314 later today.

All good things come to an end, that’s the mentality of every manga fan in the world who enjoys reading the latest series from magazines around the world.

Unfortunately, one of the most iconic manga series of recent years is finally coming to an end this week…Golden Kamuy.

The manga is expected to release its latest and final installment today, April 28ththwith fans from all walks of life preparing to say their goodbyes as Golden Kamuy marks its end.

Golden Kamuy manga ends with chapter 314

Fans of the Golden Kamuy series have known for a while that the manga will enter its final arc. In fact, the first rumors that Golden Kamuy would begin its dramatic story arc began circulating online as early as July 2021, according to popular leaker MangaMoguraRE on Twitter.

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Unfortunately, the rumors have proved true, with a recent announcement in early April confirming that the series only has three chapters left; Chapters 312-314.

“The series had reportedly entered its final arc in July 2021 and will finally conclude before the end of the month, concluding the story of Saichi Sugimoto, the Hokkaido region and its indigenous people, the Ainu people.” – Crunchyroll News.

Chapter 314 is scheduled to be published worldwide in the combined Weekly Young Jump magazine for issues 22 and 23, due out Thursday, April 28thth.

The official Japanese Golden Kamuy Twitter Account revealed that the series would appear on both the cover and top color pages for the combined edition.

“It’s been about 8 years since I ran around and the last episode 314 is posted! The finale of the gold nugget battle and the end of the journey to the future. Please see it to the end!!” – Kamuy official, via Twitter.

An extraordinary legacy if indeed this is the end

The Golden Kamuy series has been a staple of the manga and anime industry since its debut in 2015. If Chapter 314 is indeed the final part of the main series and we’re not getting a spin-off series, Golden Kamuy has an extraordinary legacy to be proud of.

By December 2021, it was revealed that the series had sold more than 18 million copies and, incredibly, the manga surpassed 19 million copies circulated earlier this month!

29 complete volumes were published in Japan, with the 30thth and the final Tankobon volume, to be released domestically on June 17th2022.

The series will then be published in English by Viz Media, but unfortunately only 25 of these volumes have been released so far – Volume 26 is due out on May 17thth2022.

Fans of the series can purchase physical copies of the manga through Amazon, Book Depository, Waterstones, and Bookshop. Digital versions can be found on Google Play, iBooks, Kindle and Barnes & Noble; or directly via Viz.

Interestingly, Golden Kamuy currently sits 9thth most popular and 4thth highest rated manga series in the history of Young Jump Magazine on MyAnimeList.

Anime returns in October 2022

The good news for fans of the Golden Kamuy manga series will understandably be saddened by the manga’s conclusion, but many are looking forward to the return of the anime adaptation.

Season 4 of Golden Kamuy was announced in December 2021, but the big news was that the production studio would switch from Geno Studio to Brain’s Base.

The fourth part of Golden Kamuy’s anime adaptation is slated to premiere in October 2022 on the fall schedule.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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