Video, Audio, Photos & Rush Transcript: Governor Hochul announces the grand opening of Wolfspeed’s $1 billion state-of-the-art silicon carbide manufacturing facility in the Mohawk Valley

Governor Kathy Hochul today announced the grand opening of Wolfspeed’s 200mm silicon carbide manufacturing facility at the Marcy Nanocenter, located on the campus of the Polytechnic Institute of the State University of New York at Marcy, Oneida County. Wolfspeed, the world leader in silicon carbide technology and manufacturing, has committed to creating over 600 new jobs at the new facility over the first eight years of operation. In addition, the company will provide internships and research positions for students at the State University of New York and help drive a manufacturing-focused human resource development initiative throughout the State University of New York system. Wolfspeed is actively working with educational and business partners across the region to build a robust pipeline for the next generation of high-quality, high-tech jobs in the Mohawk Valley, including those in advanced manufacturing.

VIDEO of the event is available here on YouTube and here in TV quality (h.264, mp4).

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An express transcript of the governor’s remarks is available below:

Thank you Gregg This is such an extraordinary day. First of all, it’s not snowing. It snowed a few days ago, but you can’t make up for it. It’s so nice to be here. And it’s really heartwarming to see the faces in that crowd to know what people from this area have been going through for decades.

I’m from another place called Buffalo, New York, across the Erie Canal. And the Erie Canal really was the great link that turned New York City from a small village into a powerhouse that it is because trade came right through the backyards of the Mohawk Valley and on to the Great Lakes.

This is the legacy of building and manufacturing. A strong work ethic that serves us so well today because when employers are trying to decide where to go, and I’m just saying, you want to go to the place where the hardest working people work, the ones who value education lay, their families? who understand long-term commitments to an employer who cares about them? That’s what you get when you come to Upstate New York.

So to Gregg and the whole team at Wolfspeed, I’m so proud that you were smart enough to spot us. And with Eric Bach you will talk about your phenomenal vehicles. And I know Lucid is made in Arizona, and Arizona sure is a beautiful place, but can’t you just see some great manufacturing here? I think we have some space here. Do we still have room here? I see a lot of space. I think we can take good care of you too, Eric.

I never stop pitching this condition. I am very pleased to have you here as well and your innovation, your genius behind the product that you will be talking more about in a few minutes. Hope Knight, the head of Empire State Development. She has become a leader in this state and her knowledge of how we can make that connection between government resources and the vision of the private sector and tie them together to result in the place we are here today.

So Hope Knight, thank you very much. Great local partners, I come from local government. 14 years and doing everything I could to bring business to my hometown. I would do whatever it takes. I came from Buffalo. I’d bring him a plate of chicken wings and say, you know, whatever it takes to keep you here. So I’m a dealmaker at heart, making sure from the start that we get people who want to be in an area and getting them to stay and making sure they thrive.

So I want to thank our local County Executive here, Tony Picente, who has the same passion for making people here in Oneida County feel welcome in this area. So I want to thank him for his leadership. Great to have partners in Albany. Senator Joe Griffo, I want to thank you for being such a champion of this region. And that also applies to member Marianne Buttenschon, who also achieved incredible things during her tenure.

I know the mayor of Utica very well. I have some great sports teams in Utica. So if you want to see some hockey and some sports over there, go see Mayor Palmieri and I’m sure he’ll take you out to a nice dinner too. City of Rome, Mayor Jackie Izzo. great friend We have walked to your church many times and into town Marcy Supervisor how do you end up doing this? If I had brought something like this when I was with the local government, they would have put me in a shrine somewhere. Congratulations also to Brian Scala for his work. And Steve DeMayo, thank you for all you do.

There’s a little place far away called Silicon Valley. Have you heard that before? Yes, it’s kind of overrated. I want to be the first to welcome you to Silicon Carbide Valley because this is the future. And to have a $1 billion state-of-the-art manufacturing facility here that will create over 600 jobs. I think we have about 200 now? 200 already, that’s good. can i hear 300 Do I hear 400? you will get there But it’s also not just about the jobs today, it’s also about creating this whole ecosystem where all the media here will make sure everyone else knows about it and everyone will say, ‘I’m missing a good game if I don’t perform up in the Mohawk Valley.”

Because everything happens here, my friends. I can feel the energy and as Governor I will continue to direct resources and people who want to be part of the whole new future and tell them it’s happening right here. And I said when I announced my first-ever State of the State, my first budget, I said, “Everyone else who’s been hit so hard by the pandemic doesn’t want to miss out on the greatest comeback in the history of this nation.” What we’re doing right here in New York State.”

You have shown your confidence in us, the whole team, and I think I’ve met many of your board members, the true believers who believe not only in this company but in this region. And that’s why we bring you cookies and things like that. It’s a big deal to us that you’re here, it’s a big deal indeed. So we will never take it for granted like in another big area where many companies come and go. You are part of the family now. And that’s the difference, when you come to a place like Oneida County or anywhere in the Mohawk Valley, we value you as friends and neighbors now. And I know word will spread, that other people will be part of this whole story. And we will ensure that the future continues to be built here in Marcy.

And that will really help kickstart our recovery. And I’ll make a commitment to you. I’ll make sure you have the talent you’re looking for. You tell us now, not just the skills you are looking for in your workforce today. You are visionaries, you have already figured out what you need in 5 to 10 years. They are already renewing the future. Share those skills with us, and I’ll make sure the world-class universities here in the Mohawk Valley teach those skills.

So there is a direct pipeline for individuals, particularly individuals who have come to this part of our state and country in search of a better life. Yes, this area was built by hardworking immigrants like my grandparents, but we also have new immigrants. And I think places like the Mohawk Valley, the city of Utica and places like this are so welcoming to people from all over the world. The refugees who come here are also part of this whole story.

This allows you to diversify your workforce and find the most amazing employees, all right here in the Mohawk Valley. So my obligation is to make sure you have those employees too. And so Wolfspeed, the synergy between you and SUNY Poly will only deepen and strengthen. This is my commitment, and I’m building on one of the best semiconductor ecosystems already in place in the country. Already 88 semiconductor companies nationwide.

They have nearly $5 billion in economic impact to date. And we’re just getting started, supporting over 34,000 high-paying jobs. Yes my friends, you are re-living the future as you heard from the county executive. And from that day forward, people will say, why aren’t you here in upstate New York? In the Mohawk Valley, right here on this beautiful mountaintop, overlooking the Silicon Carbide Valley.

Thanks very much.

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